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Miami is Internationally in Fashion

Posted by Keith Darby on October 21, 2015

There’s no question, Miami real estate is on the RISE. When comparing the young city to its recent past, it is almost unrecognizable due to its desirability, demand, development, geographical accessibility and affordability. While sales continue to elevate, prices remain relatively attainable compared to the likes of international marketplace competitors. Miami is the international gateway to Latin America.

Miami’s growing neighborhoods, such as the Design District, Edgewater, Biscayne Corridor, Brickell, Mimo, Little River, Midtown, Arts and Entertainment District, Downtown and Wynwood areas are seeing and beginning to see inflated prices for sale and lease of commercial, industrial, retail, residential and multi-family opportunities across the board. With limited land to develop and bounded available inventory, the supply and demand will continue to drive prices, making now the best time to get in the game. While the landscape created by this supply and demand will cause further imminent expansion into other districts, long-term investments are particularly interesting to consider.

Some believe the rate of growth in Miami is not sustainable long-term, but the team at RISE Realty begs to differ. In actuality, Miami is under the lens of investors from all over the world who continue to confidently strengthen their foothold with acquisitions in the South Florida market. International investors from Russia, China, Japan, Israel, and Latin America are becoming more and more active as Miami has transformed into one of the most sought after places to live, start a business, grow a business, vacation and buy.

With foreign influence, Miami’s culture continues to evolve and is becoming more diversified. Whether it’s coming to Miami for the internationally acclaimed Art Basel, one of the many music conferences, the exquisite scenery, luxury living or for the vast retail, top tier restaurants and nightlife, it is a destination that has something for everyone.

Major brands and companies are vying to bring flagship stores and offices to the internationally fashionable hub that is Miami making it an exciting time to plant roots through various investment opportunities.

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